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Designed by earth,


Design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally.

Great products and services originate from original vision and thinking just as enduring beauty and value originate from inside a person and progress outward. We take inspiration from these words from award winning Canadian Kitchen Designer Robin Siegerman[ Robin Siegerman is an international and award winning Canadian kitchen designer Robin Siegerman

Enabling you to enhance and beautify your most personal world, your home, is what we are all about.

At Kad Quartz we understand the need to make people happy in your most personal world – your home! We understand the complexity of making a variety of engineered stone surfaces contribute to the overall beauty, functionality and emotional appeal in your home. More important – we understand how to make that complexity simple for you. We let the earth do the designing while we focus on producing quality stone surfaces that replicate natures patterns. Our quartz surfaces employ diverse elements in a unified pattern that balances aesthetic beauty with the practical needs of ecology and durability. This harmony of aesthetics, engineering and ecology enhances the experience of what home means for you, your family and your guests.

Innovative technology [ Is there a name for this innovative technology? ] enables the patterns of our stone surfaces to be more unique than competitors. This enables you to choose from a variety of colors and effects and design stone surfaces that give your home a personality that reflects who you are. Nobody else can do this! Only Kad Quartz!

Quartz surfaces, whether counter tops or others are non-porous and harbor no bacteria or viruses bringing the highest standards of health and safety to your home and peace of mind to your guests.

Engineered quartz surfaces have a Mohs[ Mohs hardness, is a rough measure of the resistance of a smooth surface to scratching or abrasion, expressed in terms of a scale devised (1812) by the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs. The scale is from 1 to 10 with diamond the hardest at 10] hardness scale twice that of marble and equal to or greater than granite. This gives you a surface that resists scratching and staining and combines enduring value with aesthetic beauty resulting in happy guests and a smart investment for the future.

The patented polyester resin used as a binding agent allows flexibility and reduces likelihood of cracks in all the engineered stone products that we specialize in, adding another layer of security.

A Lifetime Residential Warranty that equals and exceeds that of other stone surfaces suppliers.

Whether it is a desire to creatively express a vision from inside yourself, a need to enhance safety and add value to your residential investment or a way of giving moments of relaxation and joy to your guests, Kad Quartz meets and exceeds the requirements to fulfill these needs. With Kad Quartz stone surfaces decorating your home, you and your guests won’t want to leave!

Kad Quartz takes advantage of the very latest advances in technology and engineering as well as the design and market experiences of the quartz revolution of the past two decades. Located in Burnaby British Columbia Canada, we supply finished quartz surfaces to Europe, United States, South America and Canada. Our material is shipped direct to the fabricator and is easy to work with and install. All the fabricator needs to do is cut to shape and install the engineered stone slab to meet your need. No further work is required on site and so we save you the dollars. We offer a lifetime limited guarantee of our engineered quartz surfaces.

At Kad Quartz we bring the brightest minds, the most sensitive hearts and the latest innovations to your design dream.

Kad Quartz is the brand name in Canada for the manufactured product. The manufacturer and the Canadian agent are owned by the same people eliminating the need for re-sellers and the unavoidable price increase that accompanies multiple resellers. Our product goes direct to fabricators bypassing resellers and passing the price advantage on to you, the end user. Kad Quartz stone surfaces are made in China to exacting standards that meet requirements for marketing the product in Europe and USA. (Our product is not sold in China) We stand for the manufacturer and are factory direct sales supplying fabricators in the greater Vancouver and lower mainland areas. We can supply the interior of BC also.

At Kad Quartz we feel we have several key advantages to offer you the end user.

The first and most important advantage is the detail of the stone patterns that are replicated in our quartz surfaces. When you see our material, you will feel it is more natural looking because it is! Other quartz surfaces look like imitations because the manufacturers are ‘thinking’ what the pattern ‘should’ be. We do not do this. Each slab of quartz material is based on real marble with the stone patterns first captured by photograph and then transferred into the manufacturing process. Not all stone surface manufacturers do this. The Kad Quartz formula allows us to put gold and grey color together in patterns that are more natural. No other manufacturer has this formula process for making quartz surfaces. It is unique to Kad Quartz. No one else can do this as we do it. At Kad Quartz, we mean it when we say we produce what the earth designs.

Another advantage is the price advantage which we have discussed above. Another contributing factor supporting a price advantage is advertising.  Many companies spend a lot of money on advertising in Home Magazines and other media and this is factored into the price and you the end user – the home-owner = end up paying for the cost of that advertising. Kad Quatz is less focused on advertising and more focused on producing and offering a better product.  We let the excellence of the product tell its own story by word of mouth. That means that we do not have a lot of advertising costs to pass on to you, the end user or home-owner. We aim to give you the best price/performance ratio in the market.

Still another key advantage of Kad Quartz stone surfaces, is quality.  Much of the quartz surface that comes to the Vancouver area will have yellow staining in it, if not immediately then soon after. This is because the manufacturers put calcium in the mixed material to make the quartz surface whiter than the stone itself.  Calcium is cheaper and so this keeps their cost down and increases their profit but the effect on the end user is that the surface is not as shiny and at times can feel like touching fine sandpaper.  The reality is that some manufacturers use calcium to make their surfaces whiter and keep the cost down and then advertise that their product is 93% quartz and 7% epoxy and resins (for binding agent) which is the industry standard.  However, frequently this is not accurate because of the amount of calcium they are using.  Kad Quartz has no calcium in it!  The calcium used in other products also makes the product softer and so it cuts like butter and fabricators find it harder to get a clean cut with sharp edges.  The calcium also makes it harder to polish the edges of slabs.  These products are more likely to have stains in the end-product after a period of use.  They say it can be removed but it is very hard to remove the stain.

In the market right now, many suppliers are putting calcium in their stones.  Only a few companies are not doing this. Kad Quartz is one of those companies.  We put our confidence in the long term benefits of quality.

Let’s examine the quality advantage a little closer.  ‘Vacuum Oscillation’ is the name of the process used by all manufacturers to make quartz surfaces. Quartz powder is mixed with resins to produce the desired stone surface. However, the outcome depends on how powerful and effective are the vacuum machines and the compressors that are used to get the end result. A vacuum is used to take all the air out – to avoid presence of bubbles – while compression is used to make a solid and hard surface.  This is a two-step process.  First the compression and second the vacuum. Many manufacturers use a light or regular compressor but Kad Quartz uses a heavy compressor for the first step.  This makes a difference.  The higher/heavier compression makes the stone tighter, so the density is greater. Higher density means a harder surface, and this makes possible a more polished surface. In China Kad Quartz has the heaviest compression among all manufacturers and this makes our material superior.  Similarly with the vacuum step. Many manufacturers use only one compressor-air hose (or none) for the vacuum step, but Kad Quartz uses two or three. In addition, many manufacturers do the vacuum process for three to five minutes but at Kad Quartz we take a full fifteen minutes for this process.

You can see from these details that we take the issue of quality very seriously.

Kad Quartz products are sold in European and US markets and this means that Kad Quartz has met European standards which are higher than Canadian Standards. The fact that Kad Quartz does not market and sell to the Chinese market but meets the higher standards required to sell mainly to European and North American markets supports our commitment to quality as a core value of the company.

When our shipment of product arrives, you can come to see, feel and touch the slabs and there are no fumes.  This means that there is no danger to health.  This is because Kad Quartz uses better quality epoxys that give off no fumes at all. Some other companies sell product that does not exude fumes or smell at the beginning but slowly this comes out and affects people as time goes on.  Our formula prevents this from happening and we keep this formula secret and unique to Kad Quartz. It is NOT patented.  The reason there is no patent is to keep the formula secret. Kad Quartz does not patent its formula because it does not want it leaked to the public.